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Small Wood Taiaha With Paua Eyes

Small Wood Taiaha With Paua Eyes

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Small wood carving Taiaha. Length 50 cm. Paua eyes, bound pheasant feather detail. Intricately engraved head. Excellent souvenir gift or presentation award.

A Taiaha is a traditional weapon of the Maori of New Zealand; a close-quarters staff weapon made from either wood or whalebone, and used for short, sharp strikes or stabbing thrusts with efficient footwork on the part of the wielder.

Taiaha are usually between 5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 1.8 m) in length. It has three main parts; the arero (tongue), used for stabbing the opponent and parrying; the upoko (head), the base from which the tongue protrudes; and the ate (liver) or tinana (body), the long flat blade which is also used for striking and parrying.

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